Mr. Phone, Inc. provides customized business

marketing solutions for any business.


Here is your chance to utilize a one-of-a-kind, RARE local vanity numbers and matching website for your business. 

For example: 1-217 DENTIST and the website:


  • Easily recognizable
  • More memorable than your standard number - even the popular "1000" type numbers. ie) As a dentist, which would you rather market with:  845-290-4000 or 845-DENTIST ?
  • Show a dominance and stability in your market by being the ONLY one with such a number.
  • Increase your market share with print, electronic media and word-of-mouth advertising that cannot be compared to anything else out there.
  • The long term value added to your business is incalculable.  You will no doubt be increasing the current value and resale value of your business when the time comes to transition out.


After you decide you'd like to use one of our numbers, simply click on the following link to enter into a marketing contract with us: Click Here to Get Started

To learn more you can call (212) MR-PHONE. We can work together using the phone number, the website,  and our powerful marketing tools to help your business - making you stand out among your competitors!


You should do this NOW!  Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind phone number in a particular area code. We will only work with ONE business like yours in your area code.

As vanity 800 numbers are less and less available, many local businesses, find themselves not able to obtain one or they settle for a less recognized “800#” ie) (844), (855) or (866), or they sacrifice the vanity idea altogether. When you use one of our numbers, matching website, and our proven marketing plan, you are taking the best step to improve your most important thing in business: Your Bottom Line..

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